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“Brandon is a amazing person to work with. After working with him for 8+ years, I can say he has a wonderful gift of being able to find, and develop really talented artist. He understands not only the old recorded music process but is cutting edge on the new and developing music industry. I honestly hope we can work together again.” – Karen Jackson, Director of Marketing, EMI Gospel

“I worked with Brandon for several years at EMI CMG/EMI Gospel. Brandon is a diligent, hard-working man with “eyes” and “ears” for developing and honing talent and knowing what sounds “right”. I have witnessed his knack and skill when it comes to A&R, and can attest to his passion for creating good, uplifting music. I highly recommend Brandon for any company or individual seeking A&R/artist development expertise.” – Sharon Reavis Woodson, Esq., Director, Business Affairs / Attorney, EMI Christian Music Group

Brandon Egerton is a hidden arsenal of wisdom. His knowledge of the music industry is vast and has been able to help me understand how to make it applicable in my journey as a songwriter and artist. If you need a guide on how to build your career he is the man to know. - Joel Buckner, Artist

I have been in the music business for over 3 years. Most people who I have interacted with have either been unreliable, full of themselves, or not worth the money or time. Often, these people conspicuously avoid name dropping saying such things as “I worked with someone…I won’t say who, but it’s a big name.” I am often not impressed with these people. But Brandon was a different story. He was a wealth of knowledge. He gave my band an inside peek into the daily workings of a record company and illustrated to us how we could do the same for ourselves. He gave us some new ideas that we had never thought of and put some other things into perspective. Also, he was very genuine (a rarity for this business). I felt that his first interest was just to consult and help us achieve our dream. He definitely wasn’t there for the money but rather because of his love of the business. It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend using his services. He was very matter of fact and when he mentioned big names such as Kiki Sheard, he wasn’t trying to impress us but rather using his experience to help us. It was great. We were very appreciative of his time and we will be using him again in the future. – Quintin Evans, The Gentlemen of Revolutionary Sound, Artist

Great consultation session last night. You really hit the nail on the head and gave me the tools I need to move forward with the next step which is promo and marketing. I really appreciate you listening to some of my concerns and giving me motivational feedback. You should know that people like you with such industry experience are rare to find. – Jamal Murray, Artist

My consultation with Mr. Egerton was awesome. He was professional and prompt.  I felt as though he was present meaning I received his undivided attention as if I was not just another client but his only client. Based upon our conversation I knew Mr. Egerton did his research on me, he knew my mission, appreciated my passion and directed me accordingly. The questions I had he provided me with clear answers and measurable results. I highly recommend the service of Brandon Egerton because he is not only concerned with the success of your project but the success of your life. -Tawanda Robbins, Artist

“As I aim to be a profitable music publisher, getting valuable guidance from experienced industry professionals is my priority. For me, investing in Sideman Music Consulting was the best place to start. Thanks to Brandon Egerton I’m going beyond my potential.” – Patrick Noble Allen, Music Publisher

“Brandon Egerton was essential to launching the success of my music aspirations as an artist and industry professional. 99.9% of everything I know has come from his expert consultations, books, manuals and events. You can’t put a price on this kind of knowledge and exposure to professional networks. If you want to accomplish anything in music, this is where you start!” – C. Christopher, Artist

“Navigating the complex music industry can easily leave you with unanswered questions fit for an expert. One brief conversation with Brandon Egerton unpacked a wealth of actionable knowledge to help me chart a course to measurable results as an artist and entrepreneur. I think it goes without saying that I'm beyond grateful!” – Mark Patterson, Artist