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General Consulting

Sometimes we just need to sit and talk it all through. I’ll take the time to answer your questions and offer direction and advice as needed. This can be done via phone or in-person, if you’re in the Orlando, FL area.


Music Critiques

MUSIC CRITIQUES – 1 song @ $50, 3 songs @ $125
One of the most common phrases in industry circles is – “Can you check out my song/project?” Don’t just get a listen, get actual help. I’ll take the time to listen and also send you feedback in written or audio form.

Choose number of songs.
Please list title of song(s)


Career Diagnostic

We’ll discuss your music, what you’ve done so far and I’ll give you a written synopsis of the next steps to take.
·     Music critique in written or audio form (up to 3 songs)
·     Preliminary phone consultation
·     Receive a written diagnostic detailing improvement suggestions and the next steps to take.
·     Follow-up consultation