Let's Talk Business...4 Sessions/4 Topics

Ready to get serious about your music career? Let's talk business.

Join me for the July edition of the Virtual Artist Manager, Career Development Workshop.
Only 10 seats available.

Register today at: www.sidemanconsulting.com

Here is an overview of the workshop:

1. The workshop consists of four (4) online sessions - via video conference and/or by conference call (for those who don't have a webcam).
2. All sessions are approximately 1 hour in length
3. You will have an opportunity in each session to ask questions

July 10, 9pm EST - Session One: Getting Started - Learn the essentials that every artist needs to know. In the first week's session we'll talk about the essentials that every artist needs to know to lay the right foundation to build upon.

July 17, 9pm EST - Session Two: Publishing - Publishing is the #1 source of revenue for the music business, yet remains one of the least understood. This week we'll discuss why it's important for every songwriter - whether signed or unsigned, to understand what publishing is all about.

July 24, 9pm EST - Session Three: Distribution - You know you need it, but what are your options? This week we'll discuss Distribution. It's something every artist needs and it's available to every artist. Find out what's available to you and how to pursue it!

July 31, 9pm EST - Session Four: Preparing For Launch - Don't you dare release that music without doing these key things. Just because you've finished recording, doesn't mean you're ready to release your song/project. The final week we'll talk about what you need to do to make sure you're ready for the marketplace.

Register today at: www.sidemanconsulting.com

Brandon Egerton