Realize that your ministry/artistry doesn’t begin or end with a record deal.

One of the things I’ve noticed throughout my career is that somewhere along the way, many artists (signed and unsigned) have bought into the myth that their purpose is tied to whether they have a record deal or not. For many, that means putting everything on hold until some label A&R (who will likely never come) shows up and offers a fairy tale contract (that no longer exists), at which point everything is supposed to fall perfectly into place. The truth is…most labels – especially majors, aren’t signing nearly as many artists as they once were, especially if you have no proven track record. So as an aspiring or emerging artist, what do you do? The most important thing is to make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. Is it to sell millions of albums or is it to see lives impacted? Is it to become a household name or is it because you love sharing your music? True story…Years ago while working at EMI, I received a phone call from an aspiring artist who by the end of the conversation, accused me of “keeping him from what God’s called him to do” because I wouldn’t agree to sign him. Of course I told him, he was giving me wayyy too much credit! – Come on y’all, let’s make sure we’re doing this for the right reasons…If a label never signs you or you never sell one album, your passion should never change.

Brandon Egerton