Figured out what’s holding you back?

I often ask artists who come to me for advice, “what’s holding you back in your music career?”  Naturally, the most common answers I get to that question are: money, time, haven’t met the right person, waiting to be ‘discovered’…yada yada yada. While these may be factors to some degree – if we’re honest with ourselves, the real answer is – we are. Have we really done all we can do to set ourselves up for the next opportunity? Do we even have a vision for where we’re wanting to go (and not just ‘I wanna sell a million albums’ or ‘I wanna reach the world’)? Have we developed a business plan to help us get there? Have we sought out insight from those who have ‘been there’? Or are we simply relying on chance – assuming our talent will be enough? I can tell you with no uncertainty that there is no shortage of talent in this business. Many times those on the sidelines are more talented than those in the ‘game’. The real key is hard work. Why not invest in yourself and in your own development – rehearse relentlessly, learn how the business works, develop relationships, keep your expectations in check and most importantly, do music because you love it – not for the (potential) money.

Brandon Egerton