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Ready to get serious about your music career? Let's talk business.

Join me for the July edition of the Virtual Artist Manager, Career Development Workshop.
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Here is an overview of the workshop:

1. The workshop consists of four (4) online sessions - via video conference and/or by conference call (for those who don't have a webcam).
2. All sessions are approximately 1 hour in length
3. You will have an opportunity in each session to ask questions

July 10, 9pm EST - Session One: Getting Started - Learn the essentials that every artist needs to know. In the first week's session we'll talk about the essentials that every artist needs to know to lay the right foundation to build upon.

July 17, 9pm EST - Session Two: Publishing - Publishing is the #1 source of revenue for the music business, yet remains one of the least understood. This week we'll discuss why it's important for every songwriter - whether signed or unsigned, to understand what publishing is all about.

July 24, 9pm EST - Session Three: Distribution - You know you need it, but what are your options? This week we'll discuss Distribution. It's something every artist needs and it's available to every artist. Find out what's available to you and how to pursue it!

July 31, 9pm EST - Session Four: Preparing For Launch - Don't you dare release that music without doing these key things. Just because you've finished recording, doesn't mean you're ready to release your song/project. The final week we'll talk about what you need to do to make sure you're ready for the marketplace.

Register today at: www.sidemanconsulting.com

Music Business 3.0 Panel Discussion @ Full Sail University

I had a great time participating in Full Sail University’s Music Business panel yesterday during Hall of Fame Week. If you missed it, here’s a blurb about it:

“It’s no secret that the music business has gone through some significant changes over the years – in many ways, it’s almost unrecognizable from the “glory days” of the 20th century. That was the main idea driving the Music Business 3.0 panel discussion, but the mood was hardly somber. Instead, the event’s Full Sail faculty speakers – Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution Course Director Kim Craft, Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution Associate Course Director Brandon Egerton, Music Business Department Chair Jackie Otero, Entertainment Business Master’s Final Project Course Director Bill Thompson, and Music Merchandising and Retail Promotions Course Director Israel Vasquetelle, drew upon their years of experience in the music industry and gave students a look at the different tools that are available for artists in the 21st century. Topics included the merits of eschewing major labels to go the indie route, digital vs. physical product, the ways in which college radio can still be used to promote artists, and more. Throughout the presentation, the panelists also answered questions from students and gave them their advice.” – courtesy of Full Sail University

It’s both a WHO YOU KNOW and a WHAT YOU KNOW business…

It’s both a WHO YOU KNOW and a WHAT YOU KNOW business…Who you know will often get you in the door, but what you know will keep you from getting KICKED OUT!! You need both to be successful in this business. Through the years, I’ve sat across the desk/conference table from countless artists who’ve had what it takes from a talent perspective to be successful at the highest level, but they lacked the vision and initiative necessary to bring it to fruition. The industry is littered with horror stores of those not prepared and were burned as a result. I find that in our haste to “get heard,” we fail to “get prepared.” Remember, anybody can take your money and provide a “service” – find someone that will “teach you to fish”.

Prov. 4:5-8

Want to get your music to EMI?

“Can you get my music heard at EMI Gospel?” That’s probably the question I’ve heard the most since departing in 2008. Up to this point, it’s been a level of access that I’ve made available only to a select very few. Now it’s your turn…I’ve designed a new service that puts your music directly in the hands of the label’s A&R staff. If they’re interested, you take it from there. If they’re not, you got the opportunity you wanted and you’ll get feedback to help you along. I’ll get you organized and ready to present. Guaranteed listen. So…think you’ve got what it takes?

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Resources: CD MANUFACTURING – Fantastic prices.

Are you finishing up your project and need CDs manufactured? Or perhaps you’re a church, business or school looking to save money on duplication/replication. I have a great relationship with a First-Class manufacturer to help you get it done right. Their prices are the best on the planet – yes, even DiscMakers®. Contact me and I’ll help you get the ball rolling.

Realize that your ministry/artistry doesn’t begin or end with a record deal.

One of the things I’ve noticed throughout my career is that somewhere along the way, many artists (signed and unsigned) have bought into the myth that their purpose is tied to whether they have a record deal or not. For many, that means putting everything on hold until some label A&R (who will likely never come) shows up and offers a fairy tale contract (that no longer exists), at which point everything is supposed to fall perfectly into place. The truth is…most labels – especially majors, aren’t signing nearly as many artists as they once were, especially if you have no proven track record. So as an aspiring or emerging artist, what do you do? The most important thing is to make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. Is it to sell millions of albums or is it to see lives impacted? Is it to become a household name or is it because you love sharing your music? True story…Years ago while working at EMI, I received a phone call from an aspiring artist who by the end of the conversation, accused me of “keeping him from what God’s called him to do” because I wouldn’t agree to sign him. Of course I told him, he was giving me wayyy too much credit! – Come on y’all, let’s make sure we’re doing this for the right reasons…If a label never signs you or you never sell one album, your passion should never change.

Helping Major & Indie Artists Become Successful Acts…

I did an interview recently with IAE (I Am Entertainment) Magazine. We talked about my career and more importantly how to help artists develop into successful acts in this business. You can read the interview by clicking the link below.


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An excerpt from participation in a recent Industry Roundtable discussion for the Stellar Awards

Hey everyone, Here’s an excerpt from an Industry Roundtable interview I did along with several other industry execs. The interview was in Tehillah Magazine, the official magazine & souvenir book for the 2010 Stellar Awards. If you haven’t gotten a copy, I encourage you to do so by clicking here. (Special thanks to George Daigle on a great job). Here’s my portion of the discussion, get the magazine for the rest…good stuff!

TEHILLAH MAGAZINE: Is it realistic or important for an artist to acquire a major deal?

BRANDON EGERTON: What I’ve found is that unfortunately, there are a lot of what could be very valid music ministries sitting on the sidelines waiting on a dream record deal to show up before they begin to pursue what God has placed on their hearts. For a while, I think the term – Independent Artist, was seen sort of as a negative in some people’s minds – meaning maybe ‘not good enough to be signed’ or ‘not commercial enough.’ The reality is, if your goal is to sell your own music, then to do so successfully, you need to do what a label does. So it’s important to find out what the role of a label is and have a plan as to how you’re going to fulfill those roles.

TEHILLAH MAGAZINE: How could an artist or independent label use modern technology to release a project?

BRANDON EGERTON: I believe this is a fantastic time to be an independent artist. Not only can you have creative control over your music, you also can make it easily available to fans worldwide to purchase via iTunes and other digital retailers. Until recently, you pretty much had to be affiliated with a major distributor to get to those retailers, but sites like TuneCore, Nimbit, CD Baby and others now make that opportunity easily available to you. Of course, it’s not enough just to release music on iTunes, you have to let people know it’s available and compel them to buy it. That’s where your marketing strategy and all of the other hard work comes in. Use social networks, blogs and other forms of internet media to build a fan base. Do me a favor though, before making the music available to the masses, make sure the quality level (well written, professionally produced, mixed and mastered) is where it should be. The last thing we need is to misrepresent the Gospel with more mediocre product.

Figured out what’s holding you back?

I often ask artists who come to me for advice, “what’s holding you back in your music career?”  Naturally, the most common answers I get to that question are: money, time, haven’t met the right person, waiting to be ‘discovered’…yada yada yada. While these may be factors to some degree – if we’re honest with ourselves, the real answer is – we are. Have we really done all we can do to set ourselves up for the next opportunity? Do we even have a vision for where we’re wanting to go (and not just ‘I wanna sell a million albums’ or ‘I wanna reach the world’)? Have we developed a business plan to help us get there? Have we sought out insight from those who have ‘been there’? Or are we simply relying on chance – assuming our talent will be enough? I can tell you with no uncertainty that there is no shortage of talent in this business. Many times those on the sidelines are more talented than those in the ‘game’. The real key is hard work. Why not invest in yourself and in your own development – rehearse relentlessly, learn how the business works, develop relationships, keep your expectations in check and most importantly, do music because you love it – not for the (potential) money.

Think twice before deciding on a manager…and then think some more

I believe one of the most influential yet under-represented areas of the Gospel music industry is the area of Artist Management. The artist’s most trusted teammate. Let’s talk about the role of management for a moment – adviser, source of direction, deal-maker, visionary, semi-assistant, recruiter, cheerleader, liaison –a literal extension of the artist and his/her ministry.  Yet, many times this highly influential position is entrusted to someone with absolutely no experience in the industry – a cousin, a sibling, a friend. While I understand it from a trustworthiness standpoint, be sure that you’re giving ample consideration to the business implications of that decision as well. Before you hand the keys to your career over to someone, remember–perhaps the quickest way to stop your progress in this biz is having bad representation.

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